Writer Recharge: Week One

WriterRecharge 2015

So the first week of the Winter Writer Recharge is in the books. I did okay, not perfect, but okay. Things got in the way, you know like life and weather and life, but I’m trying to teach myself to push forward despite any possible “blockers.” No matter how emotionally taxing they may be. So, push I did, and it resulted in some progress.


  • WRITE/REVISE – I hit about 3000 words for the week. It’s a little shy of the 5000 goal, but I think it’s still pretty good. All the scenes I worked on weren’t necessarily in order, or the greatest writing for that matter, but they’re still words on paper. So, win.
  • READ – I’m 100 pages into THE VIOLET HOUR by Whitney A. Miller. It’s super refreshing to read a creepy cult book while I’m working on a contemporary romance. It liberates the mind. 🙂 Also, I’ve gotten some WIPs from Cps that I’m excited to start reading. YAY!
  • SELF/FUN – Thanks to the Chicago weather and a head cold that would not give, I wasn’t as successful with this goal this week. I only made it to the gym once. However, I’ve got a Pilates session scheduled for tonight. So, this week is already looking better.
  • CONNECT –  I’ve been pretty good about staying focused on keeping this blog moving. I plan to continue and work on a post for Delectablereads.com.

Overall, not a horrible start. This week I’m also working on my potential query letter. So, there’s that. :/ Anyway, yay for a new week! Yay for positive thinking! Yay for moving forward!

I hope everyone has an amazing week. If you’re looking for some inspirational music to get you in the mood, check out my playlist page. It will be ever evolving with whatever is motivating me at the moment.

8 thoughts on “Writer Recharge: Week One

  1. Yay for 3,000 new words! This is definitely a win. You are that much closer to finishing this draft (and I am that much closer to getting this book in my hands!). I hope the weather warms up a little. And congrats on getting your query letter drafted and sent for critique. So excited you’re almost ready to query this book. ❤


  2. Good job this week! 3000 words is definitely a win in my books. We’re having crummy weather north of the border as well, so it actually kind of works wonders for getting some writing and reading done. #silverlining

    Have another great week, Jessica! 😀


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