Writer Recharge: Week Two

WriterRecharge 2015

The second week of the Winter Writer Recharge is over. I feel like I did better this week with everything. The numbers aren’t that impressive, but as of today, things are starting to just “feel” better all around.


  • WRITE/REVISE – SO, I hit a roadblock this week with the writing. I usually write in sequential order, but couldn’t get past this one scene. I really wanted to keep moving though, so I decided to pick up at a different scene. It’s one that I knew would be difficult for me to write, but one that needs to get on paper. Boy did this work! I managed to hit 3,000 words again, even with the rough start. Yay! I also finished a first draft of my query letter, thanks to the awesome help of two of my CPs. So, it was a good week.
  • READ – Didn’t have a ton of time to read this week. I’m 125 pages into THE VIOLET HOUR by Whitney A. Miller. I also started one of my CPs WIPs. I intend to get more focused in this area this week.
  • SELF/FUN – I had one Pilates session this week and one cardio session. Not the four I’m pushing for, but I’m finally over this cold so things should get better. I also managed to have some me-time/fun with some of my fave people this week. It was VERY needed and helped me to focus and calm my mind a lot more. So, YAY for having those wonderful people in my life.
  • CONNECT – I wrote a post about getting over the “Doubt Spiral” last week. It was something that has been weighing on me, so it was nice to write through it. I plan to post to Delectablereads.com this week.

I hope everyone has an amazing week. If you’re looking for some inspirational music to get you in the mood, check out my playlist page. It will be ever evolving with whatever is motivating me at the moment.

8 thoughts on “Writer Recharge: Week Two

  1. Yay for pushing through the block, Jess! So excited this is getting closer to completion. And I hope you get some good feedback on the query from the webinar critique. I’m very interested to see what the final query looks like. 🙂 Can’t wait for agents to start requesting this book, but you know, only after i get to read it first. ❤


  2. Sounds like you made good progress on your WiP this week. That’s awesome! I’ve tried writing in sequential order, but find that writing out of order works so much better for me. Does make continuity an issue sometimes, though. But it is great for helping you get out of a rut. Hope you have a great week, Jessica!


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