Writer Recharge: Week Three

WriterRecharge 2015

The third week of the Winter Writer Recharge is over and it will go down as my least productive. :/ Not going to make excuses. It is what it is. However, today has already been TONS more productive than pretty much all of last week. So, there’s that.


  • WRITE/REVISE – I only hit 2000 words. Not my best work, but moving forward as best I can.
  • READ – I’m 150 pages into THE VIOLET HOUR by Whitney A. Miller. I’ve also read a bit more in some of my Cps work and started reading some random chapters in a nonfiction psychology/Buddhism book. It’s as interesting as it sounds.
  • SELF/FUN – I had one AWESOME Pilates session this week and made it to the gym twice. Definitely making some progress. Also, been tacking some mental demons this week. They’ve been weighing me down a lot, and I like to think that dealing with things is a good use of the “self” category. Oh, and I watched the Oscars.
  • CONNECT – I wrote a post about staying focused and not making excuses. (Hence the reason I’m not making excuses for my lack of productivity.) That’s about it.

I need a brownie.

Like I said, not an impressive week, but i’m writing about it anyway because…ya know…accountability and stuff. I’m aiming to make this last week of February MY week. Hope everyone does the same.

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