Midweek Motivation: Writing Practice

This week’s motivation is a practice in writing emotional scenes. I’m reaching the emotional climax of my WIP, and I’ve noticed I tend to go all over the dang place when I reach these scenes. While writing the first draft, my main character starts thinking/acting/behaving like a mash up of the best soap opera and Lifetime movie actresses you can think of. It’s like playing how many feels can I smash into 100 words or less…and go!

Needless to say, the revision process is priceless for these scenes, but I’d like to get some more focus before it goes to the cutting board. I found this writing prompt/guidance today and I thought it was super helpful.


Sometimes, at least for me, I get so wrapped up in the action of the story that I tend to forget about the overall goal. OR I get so wrapped up in trying to create the right emotion that I end up flooding characters with everything. Focusing on the character’s deepest goals and fears, even if they’re never discussed on paper, is a good way to organize emotions in a big scene. It’s also a good way to feel out the next move in your plot.

Does anyone else struggle with the big emotional moments? I’d love to hear about it if you do! And feel free to share any strategies you may have to overcome this type of obstacle.

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