Fall Writing Wrap-Up


WANTED: Writers who just want to finish a WIP!

Let’s be honest, novel writing is freaking hard! In the long term, it’s definitely more of a marathon than a sprint. Taking a novel from conception to completion means long nights, early mornings, countless hours, and a ton of ambition. But sometimes, no matter how much time you’ve put into your word-baby, you just can’t seem to wrap it up. So, let’s band together this fall and finish whatever draft, revision, or edit you have hiding in your writer closet! WE CAN DO THIS!

The rules are simple, for the next EIGHT WEEKS you write/edit/revise your fingers off. Each Friday (September 8th-October 27th), post a tweet with the following information:

  • Genre of novel
  • Number of words written/revised that week
  • Biggest inspiration this week (a novel, a song, a picture…)
  • Goal for next week
  • #Fallwritingwrapup
  • If possible, the link to this post.

EXAMPLE: YA Contemp, 2000 words, Mazzy Star musics, finish ch. 6 #FallWritingWrapUp

You can join at anytime, so share with your friends! Let’s make a community of completion, a family of finalizers, a circle of success…you get the picture.

I’ll be posting a blog post each week highlighting all of our successes and struggles, so be sure to include the hashtag #FallWritingWrapUp so I can track everyone down. Also, feel free to blog more details about the information above.

Now, let’s finalize things and have some fun! And who knows, we all just might be ready to start something fresh come NaNoWriMo time!!!

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